The Gimme Gacha group is NOT a spam group for random advertisements. Our group is meant to be used by our community as a social hub. A place where we can come together with other Gacha enthusiasts to discuss events, amazing finds and to trade.

Members MAY

  • Use the group to connect to other Gacha enthusiasts and have fun discussing their Gacha obsessions!
  • Send chat links to their trade lists! (please no more than one trade link per hour)
  • Bella Gacha Shop Keepers ONLY may send chat link advertisements for their Bella Gacha stores. (please no more than one ad per hour)

Members may NOT

  • Use the group to threaten, abuse or otherwise defame others.
  • Advertise yard sales or sim wide events.
  • Spam the group with ads for their shops, personal blogs or any non gacha related information.

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