Blogger Qualifications

  • Blogs must have been active for at least 6 months
  • Blogs must be active. Meaning at least 4 posts minimum per month.
  • Blogs must have a minimum traffic average of 50 people per day or more, preference will be given to those with the highest traffic. You must be able to provide evidence of traffic via a traffic reporting program.
  • Bloggers must be active on Flickr with a minimum of 500 followers.

Event Requirements

Official Bloggers will be provided copy/no transfer blogger packs from our Creators. This means that bloggers will be receiving thousands of items at no charge. To put this into perspective…

If there is an average of 15 items (most sets are between 10 and 20 items) in every set and there are 100 Creators that would equal 1,500 items. If the average pull per play is L$75 (most pulls will be between L$50 and L$100) and you have the most amazing luck on the planet and got a unique item on every single pull with no repeats that would equal L$112,500 or $437.37 USD in merchandise. As a blogger you are being handed over $400 USD worth of merchandise from our Creators for writing a few posts. With that in mind here are our requirements.

  • Bloggers will be required to publish at least one post prior to our opening time and date. If this post has not been published by 11:59pm SLT the day before we open you will be permanently removed from the event without exception.
  • Bloggers are required to publish a minimum of 4 posts heavily featuring items from the event while we are open. If at least 4 posts have not been published by 11:59pm SLT the last day of our event you will be permanently removed the event without exception.
  • Bloggers are required to have a minimum of 5 items from in the event in each of the aforementioned posts. These items must be clearly visible. Posts with less than 5 clearly visible event items will not count towards the 4 minimum posts.
  • Bloggers will need to post all of their photos in both the Gimme Gacha and Gacha Garden Flickr groups.

Bloggers that attend our blogger days to grab the packs and do not meet the above stated requirements will be permanently removed from the event both as a blogger and player. We will also notify our Media Partners. We take this very seriously. Our Creators work very hard on their sets and they are paying you with free merchandise to help promote their products. Failure to adequately do so equates theft. If you take over $400 USD of merchandise in exchange for a job and did not do the job as promised there is no other word for it but theft. Please be very sure you can meet our requirements before applying.