So…lets talk about deadlines!

Hey guys! As our returning Creators know I recently made some changes to the deadlines. We used to cut you guys off on the 28th for Guardians but because I have gotten this whole testing thing down to a science I was able to push that a bit further earlier this year to the 29th at noon (12pm SLT).

This morning I logged on to several messages asking for further extensions, which is a little difficult because I still need time to test, finish the shopping guides, get promotions started and let the early access people in. However I am going to do what I can because we are a team and my goal is to get everyone to the finish line. With that in mind I am pushing the deadline to 3 AM SLT on the 30th. That will give everyone an extra 15 hours to wrap things up.

Please be sure you are 100% ready at that time! That means you have…

  • Your complete gacha set with NO Copy / YES Transfer permissions
  • TWO Exclusive Gift of the Guardian items with NO Copy / YES Transfer permissions
  • 1 Gacha Ad, 1 GOG ad and 1 Display email completed and emailed to [email protected]


If you are running behind and feeling the pressure just take a deep breath and keep positive! You got this! We are a team and really a this point after all these years, blood, sweat and tears a family! I am here to do all I can to get you across that finish line. Ohana means familyFamily means nobody gets left behind!…(ex0 doesn’t know lilo and stitch so he won’t get this reference. if you do not get this reference I forgive you…I don’t forgive ex0 for not knowing though!)


<3 you all! Even if you are running late!


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