New Payment & Confirmation System

Hey guys! Every round I receive dozens of IMs from Creators asking if they have confirmed and if they have paid. Some times several IMs from the same people hehe. I completely understand though because I know you guys take on so many events and you all have a lot on your plate. To help simplify the process for everyone, myself included, we are implementing a Creator Confirmation Room!

Here Is How It Works:

  • When you receive your invitation it will include an LM to the Confirmation Room for that event
    (this system will be used for all of our events going forward)
  • There you will find 3 boards labeled Steps 1, 2 & 3
    – Step One: Payment Board
    Sponsors will NOT use the board. Please contact Meeka Sihtu.
    Creators will pay their participation fee directly into this board.
    If some one is unsure if they paid they can click the board to find out.
    If you do not have the group for any reason the board will invite you once the fee is paid.
    Only creators who are on our payment list will be added to Region Access during setups.

    – Step Two: Confirmation Board
    After Creators pay their participation fee they will need to click this board.
    The board will load the confirmation page and Creators will need to fill it out.

    – Step Three: Logo Drop Box
    Creators will need to touch the board and follow the instructions to load in their latest logos.

Something else VERY important to note is that we will no longer be accepting standbys and we will be enforcing hard caps on our numbers. This means once the round is full it is full and we will accept no other participants. This should help lower the amount of competition between creators increasing your revenue potentials.

With these changes in mind please be sure to confirm your spot as soon as possible after receiving your invitation to avoid the event filling up without you.


If you have any questions please let me know!


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