Gacha Guardians: BIG changes for 2017

Hey guys! I wanted to take a moment to explain the changes coming to Gacha Guardians before we begin accepting applications.

Guardians will NO LONGER be a region to region event.

We will be moving it to a single region.

We are doing this because each round we have issues with stores closing or relocating, lag we cannot fix and players bans at stores. This creates not only additional work but it can turn players off from the event entirely if they feel they have to “work” just to spend their money.

To help further the event and its income potential for all of you we have decided to consolidate it to one single location. This immense change in format means we have to make other changes to the event format.

As players will no longer have to collect runes we will be doing away with the HUD entirely and changing the way GOGs are won and collected.

Previous rounds required one Gift of the Guardian per set. Going forward each Creator will need TWO.

GOGs will no longer be won after 10 pulls.

After 15 pulls a Player will earn a GOG prize. The prize will be sent directly to the players. As there will be TWO prizes now the Player will be randomly awarded one of them.

The new double GOG will function much like a normal gacha. After 15 pulls it is activated but there is no guarantee which of the two they will receive. If they want both they will have to try again with another 15 pulls.

These changes will be in effect from the next round in January going forward. Applications are now open!

Creators Apply to become part of the story


<3 you all!!



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